Inspection Services
Integrity is not just a buzz word to us, It's our way of
life.  At BurrheadEnterprises we say what we mean
and do what we say.
ASHI Trained

  1. Once all the information is methodically collected about your prospective
  2. Burrhead Inspections will analysis it and create a personalized report for you.
  3. Then we will explain the outcome of the inspection in a comprehensive and
    understandable format.  
  4. We are happy to provide you with this comprehensive report within 24 hours.
  5. Burrhead can email the report to you.
  6. Or we will mail you a hard copy of the report.
  7. Either way you choose to receive your comprehensive personalized report we
    will go over it with you systematically from foundation to roof.  
  8. We strive so that you understand the potential properties' condition and
    maintenance issues so that you are able to make a knowledgeable decision
    regarding the property.  
  9. Please, if you do not understand something in the report, or you have
    questions remaining, just ask us.

If you do close on the impending property and it becomes your new home we will
send you a booklet made specifically for your home covering constructive tips and
suggestions to help you perform simple but important maintenance tasks that
every home owner needs to perform.  You can use this booklet to help maintain
your home well into the future, too, compliments of Burrhead Inspections.

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